The creative inspiration for Skippack Drums was forged with the desire to be different. I wanted a look and sound that was unique. I think that is what makes our drums so special...their "uniqueness". This makes for a snare or set that is an extension of you and your look and playing style. Pave the way for your sound...make it distinct. You and your new drums are sure to garner the attention they deserve.

Our metal line of snare drums and sets will be made using recycled materials and scrap metals. I am working with Dave from a local company in Pen Argyl, PA to bring my ideas to life. These drums will be local to PA with shells and lugs made from skilled artisans. From there they will be drilled and fitted with hardware. The finishing touch will be the drum badge and logo, with each drum numbered and authenticated.

Our second line of drums are custom maple shells hand painted by Toni Wolf. She is an amazing and skilled artist. You can choose from the many designs she has created for this collaboration and each drum is made to order, so you pick the size of the drum, lug design, and color of the hardware. Each is built to your specifications.

Check out my site and feel free to call, email or stop in to the shop any time. Your drumming is unique so now make your sound unique.